Privacy Policy

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We do not share your information with any other company or individual.

We are committed to making your experience with sjdgroups as enjoyable, smooth and as secure as possible. We will ensure that we use your personal information in ways that best meet your needs. We may use the information we collect about you for various purposes such as customized marketing communication and targeted advertising.

We respect your privacy and will never disclose any information about you to third parties. Our website uses cookies(including web beacons), for security, social media and advertising purposes. How we use cookies is explained in our Privacy Policy.

Our privacy policy is designed to protect your personal data, prevent unauthorized access and ensure the security of your information. Sjdgroups Hotel is committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, the General Data Protection Regulation and other standards or procedures relating to privacy protection, including any national laws applying in the country where you are located.

We strive to provide our guests with a comfortable, relaxing and safe environment. We believe that privacy and security during your stay with us should be a priority.

sjdgroup realestate hotel is committed to providing our guests with a premier luxury experience. We believe in creating a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere for everyone associated with the sjdgroup hotel brand.

Sjdgroups realestate hotel enjoys a blessed location and is just a short walk from the fabulous Petaling Street. The central location makes it an ideal place to stay for either business travellers or tourists.

As a valued guest of our hotel brand, you are assured complete privacy and confidentiality.